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For His Purpose

Married Life, a new born baby, and other surprises

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hey my friends,

Just wanted to ask everybody to pray that the job I applied at will hire me soon. I have squeezed Stantons as much I could to pay me more but I think I am at the point where I will not get any more pay.

I am now providing for two people in my house and they are not working. We also need to move out of the trailer by June so the Forneys can have a place to live when Dr. Forney comes in as Interim Pastor.

We actually found a place to live but we need 3,000 up front and its 1,500 a month. What is great about it is it doesn't include any utility bills. So it is always 1,500. The only problem is my job at Stanton's can't provide for that. This other job will definitely give me a bump up in pay. I'm getting 19 an hour at Stantons and at New North Networks (cable company), will probably give me maybe I'm hoping 23 or 24 an hour and I will definitely get way more hours than Stanton's.

With Stantons my overtime pay is about 25 an hour and I'm not sure what it'll be with New North Networks but more than 25 an hour. Anyways, we can possibly move in May which is in a couple weeks. So we need a lot of money in a short period of time.

Prayers will be appreciated.

For His purpose,

Shane Gordon.

Monday, March 28, 2011

From Frozen To Spring

Hello everyone!!

Its been a long while since I sat down to post. My last post was about being frozen and man was it cold. Now its spring. Its not as warm as down south but the weather we have now is warm compared to minus 40. I think its about minus 10 Celsius.

Anyways, everything is normal. We're on schedule to have our annual missions conference. It starts April 8th, which is a Friday, and that night is our RU AKA Reformers Unanimous Meet and Greet The Missionaries. Then Saturday is our international dinner in Aklavik. Then the rest of the nights are here in Inuvik.

The theme is God makes no little plans. The theme song is Little is much when God is in it. The theme verse is Ephesians 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

So we were in Yellowknife last week. We got to go to Wal-Mart, A&W, a mall, and got to do things we just normally don't get to do or go. It was a much needed short vacation.

Well, I'll try to post again next week. To make it part of my schedule. Its hard though when you don't have internet at your house but we're staying at my parents for a couple days. We're watching their house. Talk to ya next week.

For His purpose,

Shane Gordon.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Brrrrr!!!! Hello

Yup, you guessed it...its freezing. So here's the deal, try to understand, when it gets to minus 25 Celsius or colder, we need to plug in our vehicles up here. So I worked this past Saturday but they gave me one of the company vehicles because I would be picking up and dropping off workers. So I only had one extension cord and two vehicles to plug in, mine and Stanton's. So, obviously Stanton's needed to be plugged in all night in order for it to start Saturday morning.

Usually, a vehicle needs to be plugged in for about 2 hours to be able to start. So it was about 7:15 in the AM when I plugged my vehicle in. Then when it came to lunch time from work at 12pm. I went to start my vehicle and poof!!!...it never started. That is nearly 5 hours and it never started. But it was an easy fix. I called my dad to borrow his cool little battery. He charges it up and it has jumper cables built into it and then you just hook it to your vehicle and bam!! It'll start.

Well, the temperature that day was about minus 37 Celsius and minus 44 Celsius with the wind chill. Its about minus 30 now and so it has warmed up a little bit.

Which brings me to another problem, where Sandy and I live is not connected to the town water and so we have a water tank and a sewage tank. The water tank never froze because it has heat blowing right onto it. The sewage tank on the other hand is in the back corner of the house and well with how cold it is and the heat not reaching it in good time...it iced up a little bit inside but not entirely.

So there is a gasoline heater in the ranch garage and I fired that up this morning and it has melted majority of the ice but I shut it off and going to keep it off for a few hours because of the fumes. The ranch is a trailer and the sewage tank is in the basement of the house and so it smells a little bit and well, I don't want Sandy, William, and myself to be getting high off the fumes. So I will turn it back on later today and finish off that ice.

So that was my adventure with the cold.

For His purpose,

Shane Gordon.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year To All!!!

Another year has gone and a new one has begun just like that. This time of year to me when I was younger seemed it went on forever. Now, now it just comes and goes. Time to me as I get older seems to go a little faster each year.

I'm enjoying my life up here as usual. I have a new son and another new year with my wife. We're looking forward to what the LORD has in store for us. Things up here are changing slowly in the ministry. It won't be long until Pastor Donley resigns in June and Dr. Gary Forney comes to be the interim Pastor and I become the intern Pastor.

It really hit me when Pastor Donley said this was his last CHRISTmas Eve service with us up here. He has been in this ministry for so long it was a shock for me to hear him say that. God is working. This ministry is moving forward, taking a leap of faith, and growing. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

For His purpose,

Shane Gordon.

Matt & Becky Flegal

Matt & Becky Flegal
This is Matt and Becky Flegal. These two got married in August. I was a groomsmen. I stayed with his parents & their family over this past weekend.

a flegal

a flegal

Basketball team

Basketball team
This was two years ago. It was a good team. I am whats left of that team. Everyone has either graduated or left the college.

Wally World

Wally World
I like to visit that place a lot. I practically live there sometimes. You should see all of the passes that have been signed to go there. Most likely my name has showed up the most on the passes to Wal-Mart.